I am so, so sorry about being so terrible at keeping this journal remotely useful. But, um, if you click [here], you can find all five of the Wolf House reissues? So that’s pretty neat I guess?

The new version of the Wolf House website is currently under construction and I’ll give everyone a headsup when it’s live too.

Audiobook version is apparently well underway which is super-exciting! Though I’m slightly nervous that it’ll be too mottsy for me to listen to it, not because of anything in the story itself but because those words are my words and some poor actor is being forced to read them.

Anyway, yes. Here it is. It’s pretty much exactly four years ago that I started writing these in the form they’re in, and here they are in their second edition with a new publisher and new covers and bonus content and a thousand, thousand memories wrapped up in every page.

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