Since things are a little quiet here right now — book 4 is coming out in September, and the hard copy of the first three books is coming out in October, and I’m hard at work finishing book 5 — and because I came across a copy of this letter today in my hard-copy files, I figure I’d share.

This is the original submission letter I wrote to Drollerie Press about the books — or, at that stage, book. It’s a glimpse into what’s changed, what hasn’t, and what my original thoughts were about the project.

from: Mary Borsellino <mizmary@gmail.com>
to: submissions@drolleriepress.com
date: Tue, Jan 8, 2008 at 8:25 PM
subject: Novella submission - The Wolf House

Dear Drollie Press

Attached is a document containing the first three and final chapters of my novella, The Wolf House. The mythic theme the story hinges on is that of the search to find the group — be it a tribe, gang, or family — where you fit, and the things you gain and lose within yourself on that journey. This theme is explored through contained but interlocking stories centered around young people whose lives are changed by interaction with the Wolves, a powerful vampire clique with motives as complicated as those of the hunters out to get them.

If I was going to pitch this story to you in terms of existing media, I’d say that it was ‘the Romantic vampire novella meets Empire Records‘ — the strange, haunting atmosphere of the early supernatural gothic story, coupled with the youth and energy of a cast which the audience feels like they’ve known forever from their first meeting.

I believe that, though horror has never lost its power as an allegorical genre through which we consider the real world around us, much recent horror fiction goes for the easy scare or the cheap gore, rather than considering the full range of what can be done when the mirror we hold up to life has a monster in the reflection.

I sincerely hope you’ll consider publishing The Wolf House, as I believe it would be ideally suited to a home with Drollerie Press. The word count for the complete manuscript is 42,000 words but I am willing to pare down or expand the story if you feel it would be better suited to the novelette or novel format.

I look forward to your response and to a future working relationship.

All the best,
Mary Borsellino

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