Coaster clearly decided that my mind wasn’t quite blown enough already (and believe me, it was pretty blown) and so sent through some more amazing amazing AMAZING pictures:

Lily Green by Coaster

Lily Green by Coaster

First up there’s Lily, and I love how much of Lily’s essence Coaster has captured here. Lily’s surrounded by her own failures — cups of smoothie or tea that weren’t good enough to swallow down — but she isn’t staring at them, she’s got her face turned up and she’s caught in a moment of thinking.

Lily’s driving force is hope (which is why Will has always loved and needed her so much; even before they knew about vampires, he’s never been a personality who puts much stock in hopes and dreams and optimism, she believes in things he doesn’t)  even in despair, and I feel like Coaster’s pinned that down in this picture.

Will and Sofie by Coaster

Will and Sofie by Coaster

And again, Coaster’s captured the absolute vital core of who these characters are in such a deceptively simple image. It’s just two people walking, right? Except that Sofie’s stepping forward, relentless and tense and insistent, and Will is more passively going along with it. Sofie’s habitual mistrust is so stark and obvious here, and so’s the way there are echoes of the youthful, pretty girl she might’ve been that’s been almost lost completely under the layers of pain and loss and hard days. Sofie is a survivor to the core, but surviving isn’t the same as thriving, and Coaster gets that.

And Will, geeky awkward quiet Will. Will was the first character of all the Wolf House characters to just click completely in my head — he was formed completely into exactly who he is even before I first told Audrey that I wanted to write a vampire story. So I’m pretty steadfast in who Will is, how the parts of him fit together to make the whole, why he’s a drummer and an atheist and why he writes journals and his relationship with Jenny and all the rest. And Coaster has drawn Will just as he is in my head, quiet and good-natured and following along, but with something more complicated and darker and maybe even dangerous in the set of his expression.

Which is to say: I LOVE. A LOT. And I’ll get that ‘Fanart’ section properly updated this week, along with adding more cosplay photographs up from Supanova.

Speaking of conventions! If you’re in the Melbourne area next week, come along to Vampirefest. which I’m the third Guest of Honour at even though I’m not actually up on the page yet. I’ll be doing a quickie talk about the Wolf House books a bit after eleven a.m, and am going to be part of the author debate about vampire fiction in the afternoon (hint: I’m for it), and will be hanging around with little excerpt booklets at a table through the day. So come along and have a chat with me and watch me get silly over all the excellent Star Wars and Doctor Who stuff (I am the Wrong Kind Of Fan for both fandoms: my favourite Star Wars is the Phantom Menace and my favourite Doctor’s Companion is Adric. Let’s argue!).

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