Tumblr and fan art

I really am going to try to be better at updating this blog. Here are the main news items!

1. Books one and two are going to be released in a combined hard copy in about four months’ time. More on that closer to the launch date.

2. Book five is ticking along. Everyone’s so far from where they started.

3. I now have a tumblr, where I throw all the random images, poems, quotes etc which I draw inspiration from in some way. Check out its random image function here (may be a not-work-safe image; some of them have breasts and stuff in ‘em), because that’s basically how I use it — I hit ‘random’ and then try to write on the image which comes up.  Oh! And if you’re into the twitter thang, I’m over here.

4. The best way to keep up with my regular whining about how hard it is writing trashy vampire novels about punk teenagers and how tortured and miserable I am is still through the Wolf House tag in my livejournal.


Jay by SeveredScythe

Jay by SeveredScythe



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