Pride March

Mary Borsellino, Melbourne Pride March, 2010.

Mary Borsellino, Melbourne Pride March, 2010.

Yesterday a big bunch of friends and I went to the Pride March in St Kilda. It was very hot and sunny, uncomfortably so, but the experience was incredibly positive and I am sincerely glad I went.

Completely aside from the politicised aspect of my participation, however, was the sheer amount of good feeling radiating from the crowd along the parade route. The closest I’ve felt to it has been in audiences at especially positive live music shows, but this was an even more powerful emotion. To walk block after block with such fierce, defiant, determined joy — such, well, pride — on all sides being directed at you and the people around you is an amazing sensation. It redoubled my determination to be more involved in activism this year, because there are battles worth fighting going on, and I want to help fight them.

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