This counts because he is the MOST FABULOUS VAMPIRE EVER

Adam Lambert the glampire

Adam Lambert the glampire

I’ve mentioned before that I am rather fond of Adam Lambert, sparkly popstar extraordinaire.  At first, I tried not to pay attention: I knew a lot of people I was friends with online had been lured into the American Idol fandom due to his presence as a contestant, but I resisted! I even resisted when Mikey Way referred to him as “Gerard’s stunt double” on Twitter (and I have three My Chemical Romance-related tattoos at last count, with plans for more, so for me to resist something like that shows a dedicated disinterest). And then the singer Darren Hayes, who was the Crush Of My Soul when I was fourteen-fifteen-sixteen, said on his twitter that Adam Lambert reminded him of who he used to be back in the nineties. In other words, back when he was the Crush Of My Soul. I wavered in my dedicated disinterest.

But the deal-breaker came during the hardest week of my life, in June 2009, immediately after my beloved grandfather died. I flew to my hometown as soon as I was told of his passing, to help with the funeral arrangements and to write the eulogy. I have written a lot of things in my life, fiction and non-fiction and autobiography and poetry and essays and articles and novels, but nothing has ever come close to being as hard to write as that eulogy was. Since writing involved being on the computer, I distracted myself with the net a lot. Twitter was abuzz with the Iranian election protests, and it felt to my sore grief-stricken heart like the whole world was falling apart.

And then someone on my livejournal flist posted this picture:

Adam Lambert with former boyfriend Brad/Cheeks.

Adam Lambert with former boyfriend Brad/Cheeks.

And my brain fizzed and popped and snapped with an audible “TWANG!!” noise. I mean, look at that, from the purple hair to the perfect makeup to the facial hair to the burlesque-ringmaster-on-acid outfit to the serious-business expression…

I needed something in my life that was beautiful and ridiculous, and Adam Lambert is exactly those things in spades.

And all this is tenuously relevant to this blog, because Adam Lambert enjoys dressing up as a vampire from time to time, a fact for which my hormones are sincerely grateful.

Adam the vampire, as a child and as an adult.

Adam the vampire, as a child and as an adult.

Old photo of Adam as a vampire.

Old photo of Adam as a vampire.

Adam for Halloween 2009.

Adam for Halloween 2009.

Adam at a Halloween concert 2009.

Adam at a Halloween concert 2009.

Edit: As Audrey put it, “it’s like he loves you and wants you to be happy”. Another two lovely photos of Mr Lambert:

Adam Lambert is the best rock star ever.

Adam Lambert is the best rock star ever.

Seriously this dude rules so hard.

Seriously this dude rules so hard.

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