Another Vampire Diaries post

Look at these ridiculously pretty people.

Look at these ridiculously pretty people.

This show was watchable in a trainwrecky way when it began, largely due to nostalgia factor — I really cannot stress how hugely the books influenced me when I was growing up, or how much I adored them.

But then — gasp! — something weird happened. The show started being actually good and enjoyable in its own right.

If you’ve avoided this show, or saw the first episode and didn’t stick around, I recommend you take a look at episodes six (’Lost Girls’) and seven (’Haunted’), because they’re both creepy, compelling, striking pieces of vampire media that I really enjoyed.

Plus, the next episode is apparently called ‘162 Candles’, and as my favourite piece of vampire media ever (no, really, I run an entire website about it) is Fall Out Boy’s music video for ‘A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me”‘. And one of these days I will make a post detailing just how much that video has shaped the Wolf House books. That will be a long post indeed.

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