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Hullo hullo. I am utterly dreadful at updating here, and I don’t have any real excuse except procrastination. I’m currently re-reading that old grand master of trashy vampire novels, Dracula, for background info I need for book five — for reasons which will make sense after book two comes out.

I keep getting new art from Audrey or finding things in books and going ‘ooh, I have to scan that for the Wolf House site!’, and then not being able to because it’s a massive spoiler in one way or another for a later book. I feel like I’m half a season ahead of everyone else in watching a TV show.

Jay fanart by Mrs Frankenstein

Jay fanart by Mrs Frankenstein

Here is a piece of art I CAN share, by the gorgeously-named Mrs Frankenstein. I suspect Jay only reads the Batman titles he finds on Tommy or Bette’s floors.

Tommy’s current favourite Batman title is Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison. Bette loves Batgirl by Bryan Q Miller, though her favourite Batman title of all time was Detective Comics when it was written by Andersen Gabrych. Tommy likes the Halloween specials, because they’ve always got the craziest villains going on and have more storytelling freedom than the regular monthlies. Jay thinks they are both irredeemable nerds, but the comics are pretty cool occasionally and so when he found an ancient tee at some thrift store he went to with Michelle he ended up buying it.

Hrm, what else can I say… book two is coming out within the next week or so. I can’t believe we’re not even up to book two yet in the release schedule. This whole thing is crazy. Crazy! While you’re waiting for it to come out you can go vote for me (’Mary’) in this contest because trust me, as occasionally enjoyable as writing about trashy vampires might be, it pays very few of my bills, and I could really do with the prize money. Plus, you know, PRETTY SHINYSILLY GAWTHIC ACCESSORIES are always good fun, and who needs more flowery crap turning up in stores, honestly?┬áStrike a blow for frilly romantic dark nonsense, I say!