Just another Sunday afternoon in Melbourne

Signed Walking Shadows booklet

Signed Walking Shadows booklet

A large and friendly hello to anyone that I met this afternoon at Dymocks on Collins street. Dymocks is a bookstore chain in Australia, and as today is the 13th of September the store on Collins street in Melbourne decided to hold a birthday party for one Miss Bella Swan of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series.

As I have mentioned before, I have mad love for the character Rosalie Hale, so it’s likely I would have rocked up just for the fun of it anyway. But I had particular reason to go, as my friend Narrelle M Harris was a special guest at the festivities.

Narrelle is the author of a truly marvelous series of vampire books set in Melbourne, and you should all check out her site here in order to discover more about her excellent work. One of these days I’ll do a proper post about her character Gary, who is one of my favourite fictional vampires ever ever ever.

There were party games, and cake, and prizes, and general mayhem (I have a deep appreciation for teenage girls in large groups. They are so delightful and enthusiastic and sincere and unjaded. That’s part of what makes going to concerts so fun for me, I think) and Narrelle did a reading from her book ‘The Opposite of Life’, which was fabulous.

Narrelle also had little excerpt booklets with a short part of her second vampire novel, ‘Walking Shadows’, in them available for anyone interested. The booklets included illustrations by The Wolf House cover artist Audrey Fox, so — as you can see in the image with this post — I got both of them to sign one of the booklets for me. Because they’re my friends, and I love them as friends, but they’re also creators whose work I admire hugely. You can be a fan and a friend at once!

Narrelle also included a small advert for this website in the booklet, for which I am deeply touched and thankful. Thanks, Relle, and  hi to anyone here as a result of that link. Audrey, myself, and our friend Erinna also gave out little Wolf House cards to a bunch of the party-goers, so hello to those people we accosted also.

Now I am sitting at a computer terminal at Melbourne Central, listening to the ludicrous clock here chime 6pm, and am about to go down to the train station on the lower level and head home. I had a great time today, and hope that at least a couple of the charming sparkly souls I met give the Wolf House books a try. Number two comes out in a couple of weeks, so you pretty much came in at the perfect moment.

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