Fabulous vampires: Eli from ‘Let The Right One In’

Eli from Let The Right One In

Eli from Let The Right One In

As with my other posts about my favourite fabulous vampires, this is going to be heavily spoilerish territory here. If you’re yet to read the book or see the film of ‘Let The Right One In’ (’Låt den rätte komma in’ in its original Swedish) then you should turn back now! And don’t wait for the remake; that’s tacky.

Not that I think the remake itself is a tacky idea! I am pro-remake! I just think waiting for it before you enjoy this story is stupid. Like, I love Gore Verbinski’s remake of ‘The Ring’ far more than any sane person should love a film about a dead little girl stuck down a well who controls videotapes with her mind. I loooooove it. But that doesn’t mean I skipped seeing the Japanese ‘Ringu’ before the remake was out, you know?

Anyway! Let The Right One In features a vampire named Eli — I understand that her name is changed to Abby in the upcoming remake — and Eli is one of the most badass wonderful, vulnerable, tragic and fabulous vampires ever to exist in fiction.

This post also explains a lot of my feelings and emotions and feelings (I have a lot of feelings!) about vampirism as a metaphor and the limitations thereof, and how truly good fiction respects those limits and works with them, so if you’re into that kind of thing you should keep reading.

Eli and Oskar

Eli and Oskar

The first time we meet Eli, it’s in the playground of a block of flats in Blackberg, Stockholm, at night. She has dark hair, a round, small, pretty face, and big eyes. Her hands are white, her voice a little deeper than expected, and she isn’t wearing a hat or a jacket despite the cold temperature. She’s tall and thin, about eleven years old, and shows no physical sign of puberty yet. She smells like a dying animal.

She tells Oskar, the lonely boy she meets, that she “can’t be friends with you. Just so you know”, but the two of them end up becoming friends despite the warning. Eli lives in the same apartment block as Oskar and his mother. Eli lives with a man named Hakan, whom everyone thinks is her father.

Hakan plays a very different narrative role in the movie to in the book. In the book he’s a pedophile, and his relationship with Eli is a codependent, unhappy arrangement between predators who can’t get what they need any other way — Hakan provides Eli with blood, from teenagers he murders, and Eli provides Hakan with a child’s body he can touch with no fear of repercussions. I think their household may actually be more fucked up than that of the vampires in ‘Interview with the Vampire’, which is saying a lot.

In the film, however, Hakan’s character remains largely unelaborated, and so the story becomes one of Eli slowly abandoning the aging Hakan — who loves her enough to kill for her — in favour of the young Oskar, who is falling in love with her. The implication becomes that this is a cycle which Eli must undertake over and over again, as her young companions grow up and must be replaced with someone new.

Eli's vampirism is an especially gory sort

Eli's vampirism is an especially gory sort

Eli is a child vampire, and proves that this archetype is far from exhausted as far as posibilities go, because she is a very different breed from ‘Interview’s Claudia or Lilly from the ‘30 Days of Night’ universe (I’ve already done a ‘Fabulous Vampires’ post on Claudia; it’s likely I’ll end up doing one on Lilly eventually as well). One of the major differences between Eli and most other child vampires in literature is the Eli’s consciousness has remained that of a child along with her body. She doesn’t know why this is, which Oskar suggests might be for the simple reason that the answer is too complex for a twelve-year-old to understand — and so, no matter how long she lives, she’ll never grow up enough to comprehend the answer.

Another thing which sets Eli apart from the majority of similar characters is that Eli is trans. Early in their budding romance, Eli tells Oskar that she is ‘not a girl’. This statement has a double meaning: on one level, it refers to the fact that Eli is not human at all, but a creature that drinks blood and lives forever. On another, it references Eli’s past — once upon a time, her name was Elias, and she was a boy.


Not a sound. He knocked again.

“Eli? Are you in there?”

Nothing. But when he said her name aloud he remembered that it was wrong. That was the last thing she had said as they lay together on the couch. That her real name was… Elias. Elias. A boy’s name. Was Eli a boy? They had… kissed and slept in the same bed and…

Oskar pressed his hands against the bathroom door, rested his forehead against his hands. He tried to think. Hard. And he didn’t get it. That he could somehow accept that she was a vampire, but the idea that she was somehow a boy, that that could be… harder.

He knew the word. Fag. Fucking fag. Stuff that Jonny said. To think it was worse to be gay than to be a…

He knocked on the door again.


Eli and Oskar

Eli and Oskar

Rather than talk to him, Eli leaves Oskar a note:


Hope you’ve slept well. I’m also going to sleep now. I’m in the bathroom. Don’t try to go in there, please. I’m trusting you. I don’t know what to write. I hope you can like me even though you know what I am. I like you. A lot. You’re lying here on the couch right now, snoring. Please. Don’t be afraid of me.

Please please please don’t be afraid of me.

Do you want to meet me tonight. Write so on this note if you do.

If you write No, I’ll move tonight. Probably have to do that soon anyway. But if you write Yes I’ll hang around for a while longer. I don’t know what I should write. I’m alone. Probably more alone than you can imagine, I think. Or perhaps you can.

Don’t be afraid of me. There’s no reason for you to be. Maybe you know that. I hope you know that. I like you so very much.


Oskar writes YES on the bottom of the paper.

I find this whole exchange incredibly touching, and also very very interesting as an example of the complex ways in which vampirism can be a metaphor for so many different ways of being an outsider — and yet John Ajvide Lindqvist, the author of the book (and of the screenplay for the film), doesn’t use vampirism’s power as a metaphor as an excuse to avoid actually exploring trans and queer themes.

It reminds me of — okay, this is a bit of a tangent, bear with me for a minute. There’s this fabulously excellent comic by Darwyn Cooke called ‘The New Frontier’, which explores the idea of superheroes at the start of the atomic age. It’s a great comic, look it up. Gerard Way recommended it in an interview one time, and Gerard Way knows from a good comic, so you know this one’s neato.

Anyway, one of the things I found stunning and shocking about ‘New Frontier’ is how it dealt with racism. I’d never seen it handled so starkly, shockingly, and powerfully as it was here. It was bleak and brutal and haunting.

Poster for the American remake

Poster for the American remake

And it wasn’t in the cartoon adaptation that was made out of the comic. Why not? According to the commentary track on the DVD, because the film-makers felt those themes were already dealt with by the storyline about an alien character who felt like an outsider.



You don’t get to play the fucking metaphor card, not like that. We’re not in the days of fucking AESOP’S FABLES, where you can make a point through metaphors and with one thing standing for another, like crickets and ants or grasshoppers or whatthefuckever standing in for people. A story about racism in which a black man is lynched IS NOT THE SAME FUCKING THING AS A STORY ABOUT A GODDAMN ALIEN. I don’t care how intricate and elegant your metaphor is. The one step of removal takes away so much of the primacy and importance.

Vampires are incredibly useful as metaphors. Trust me. They’re a goldmine for it. I own a fabulous book of essays that’s called ‘Blood Read: the vampire as a metaphor in contemporary culture’. Vampires as a metaphor, that’s AWESOME. I am ALL OVER that shit.


You don’t get to skip the other issues just because you threw some vampires in there. Like, okay, look at True Blood (only don’t spoil me for season two, because I haven’t seen it yet). In the opening credits we have what? “God Hates Fangs”. Oh! I get it! It’s like “God Hates Fags”, that fucked-up mentally ill website made by hateful wretches… only here, instead of gay people, they’re talking about vampires! How clever!

Yes, it’s clever… but True Blood doesn’t use that metaphor as an excuse not to have gay characters as well. And black characters. And poor characters. And female characters. And whatever other thing vampirism might be a metaphor for the ‘otherness’ of. It does what the New Frontier comic did, and the cartoon spectacularly FAILED to do — it saw that metaphors can bolster a message, but should never be used as a replacement for the actual message.

I take this concept very very seriously in The Wolf House books — vampirism can be a reflection of a whole bunch of stuff like queerness and youth and being an outsider and being trans and being punk and for AIDS and for other kinds of illness and for drugs and for sex and for… well, for a whole truckload of different things. BUT. I still gotta put all those things in, because we’re not in the age of Aesop anymore, we’re not in the age of Bram Stoker. We’re not even in the age of Anne Rice. We can say what we really mean, and the vampire-metaphor can exist ALONGSIDE THAT.

Eli from Let The Right One In

Eli from Let The Right One In

Ahem. So, like I was saying, I think it’s beautiful and SO FUCKING IMPORTANT that Eli is actually “not a girl”, not just in her vampirism but also in her birth gender. “I hope you can like me even though you know what I am. I like you.” — what an astonishingly poignant thing for a trans kid to write in a letter to her crush. The line works as a reference to her vampirism and also to her trans-ness, and, basically, holy fuck I love this book, seriously.

‘Let The Right One In’ is one of the best vampire novels — one of the best horror novels in general — that I have ever read. The movie is absolutely beautiful and utterly chilling to watch. Even though I’ve heard that the remake removes Eli’s gender ambiguity/transness completely — as evidenced by the name-change to Abby — I’m still looking forward to seeing it, because it’ll mean something different, and something new. And I hope that it’ll be something interesting and powerful and complicated, because that’s what this character — and this story — deserves.

Vampirism’s a great metaphor. But metaphors aren’t everything.

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  1. Julie Says:

    I desperately want to see this movie, but I wanted to read your opinion too.
    I have spoiled myself, but I don’t care - I want to watch it even more now.

  2. Faye Says:

    I’ve totally spoiled myself for this, but now I’m even more excited for the movie.

    Unfortunately, because I haven’t seen the movie or read the book I have little to say (except rock on with your “it’s not the same” rant) — but I love this analysis and I’m definitely forwarding it on to my roomie, Emily (modernsaints @ LJ) who loves the book and has been talking to me about it for a while.

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