Audrey Fox now has an art blog, at, and so everyone should go look at it and appreciate her.

Here are some of her pictures related to The Wolf House — some from the blog, some that I’ve had at my house and haven’t scanned before because I am the worst person ever when it comes to being organised and prompt. Anyway, here they are:

Blake and Jay: not exactly the new Edward and Bella

Blake and Jay: not exactly the new Edward and Bella

Blake and Jay! Audrey did this one for me the evening before book one came out, because I was practically bouncing off the walls in anxious impatience. It makes me laugh; Blake looks mean and Jay looks unimpressed. They are the least romantic romance ever.

Cover #2 sketch

Cover #2 sketch

Sketch which became the cover to book number two. As the layout of this site indicates, this is in a lot of ways the iconic image of the series for me — a young woman, drawn in a pose that isn’t sexualised but is a little dangerous, a little powerful, fangs bared. Audrey has a very clever brain.

Pretty Good For A Girl #2 comic lineart, starring Bette and Jay

Pretty Good For A Girl #2 comic lineart, starring Bette and Jay

Line-art for the comic which appears in Pretty Good for a Girl #2. Kylie, who makes the zine,  has said I can use this comic for other promotional stuff as well, so I’ll have it up here for download soon so people can wallpaper their cities with it.

Bette from a scene in book #2

Bette from a scene in book #2

An amazing shot of Bette from book #2. At this point we’re getting into spoilericious territory, so if you haven’t read book #1 yet, GO DO THAT.  This picture was framed at my house before I remembered that I hadn’t scanned it yet.

Bette sketch

Bette sketch

I’d have to say, this picture is not the picture of someone you want to piss off. Lookit her dandy lil cravat! AW!

Sketch of Bette

Sketch of Bette

A lost girl with a broken bird to guide her. Audrey did this picture in a nightclub, and then a guy who’d been watching her asked for her number. Score one of compulsive public artistry!

Wolf House 1 cover art

Wolf House 1 cover art

Audrey’s covers are so surprising and cool. Seeing what she’s done with them is one of my favourite parts of writing these books.

Um... Adam Lambert as a vampire.

Um... Adam Lambert as a vampire.

AHAHA. Uh. This one isn’t Wolf House related, it just goes up here because it was in the scanning pile. I like Adam Lambert, and I like vampires, so Audrey drew me Adam Lambert as a vampire. I like Audrey.

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