What readers are saying

Some of the ridiculously lovely press the blogosphere (which is, I feel, one of the silliest words which has ever existed) has offered about Book #1:

Narrelle M Harris, author of The Opposite of Life, said: “Mary Borsellino is one of the up-and-coming writers of this generation, regardless of genre. As it happens, she writes some of the very best vampire fiction in the vast sea of vamplit that is out there.

Her world-building is impeccable, with a consistent and fresh vampire mythology. Her characterisation is a joy, in which no-one is perfectly good or perfectly evil, and yet they are all perfectly human (vampire and human alike) and the most real people I have seen striding out of a page in a long time.

Mary Borsellino writes stories that break apart your expectations. She is never predictable, always engaging and brings insight, intelligence and emotional reality into a tale that is also full of action and excitement.”

Karen Healey, author of Guardian of the Dead, said: “Mary does characterisation like she is wielding a sympathetic, observant scalpel.”

Audrey Fox said: “I think it is amazing and worth checking out. Mary is a phenomenal writer and it has been a privilege to work on the series with her.”

Erinna said: “Excellent fun teenage characters who are actual teenagers. Queer and genderqueer characters as main characters, and fully realised people, full of flaws and bright points and awesome. Motherfuckin vampires.”

Dr Stephen Dann said: Go buy The Wolf House. Then come back and talk about how amazing it is, and how awesome it will be to read the entire series, and how we’re all going to be able to say “I read that before it became a major motion picture franchise”.

Beckah said: “She describes it as “Twilight for punks,” but it could just as easily be called “Twilight for feminists” or “Twilight for queers” or “Twilight for people who really like monster movies” or “Twilight for people who don’t — well, ok, who do think that stalking can be kind of sexy, especially if it’s a vampire, but only if the author admits it’s kind of creepy too” or “Twilight for people who think everything would be better with kittens in.”"

Gracie said: “IF YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR COPY YET, THEN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?? And I’m not just saying that because I’m one of the people that it’s dedicated to.”

Theonlytwin posted an excerpt and then said: “AND IT GETS BETTER. we haven’t even got to the biting, and the kitten called Bikini Kill. want it? yes you do. go buy it. it’s five dollars of boykissing and brilliant bands who are sometimes vampire hunters and lust and love and movies and tattoos and shoplifting and perfect perfect perfect dialogue.”

Severedscythe said: “I read it in one sitting this morning/afternoon because I literally couldn’t STOP. So I am generally unwashed and f-disgusting because I COULD NOT GO AWAY FROM THE BOOK. YES. READ IT.”

Chameleongirl said: “Mary describes it as Twilight for punks, but it is so much more. Real teenagers with real feelings and failures and queer characters that aren’t cliches!”

Nat said: “It has its own vampire lore which I found grippingly interesting and you better believe they don’t sparkle. It has teenagers being teenagers and vampires being vampires and teenagers being vampires. It has scenekids and people with tattoos. It has queer relationships and straight relationships and love and not-love. Vampires kill humans, but not every human they meet. It has some unhappy endings, yet it does not really have the idea of good and evil, just of things living according to their nature. But mostly it has realistic characters, complex, lovable characters, human or vampire, like seriously some of the best characters I have EVER read. “

I am delighted by such a kind and enthusiastic reception to my trashy little vampire nonsense! Wheee!

Also if you look to the menu on the right, you will see that there is now a fairly rudimentary and not particularly sparkly Facebook page for the series now. Clearly it requires some fabulous-ing up with reader input, yep yep.

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