Various and sundry

Oh, it’s, um, been a while since I wrote anything here. The trouble is, I feel like I should be useful and informative and semi-coherent when I post here, and none of those are my strong points. For more regular news about The Wolf House and such, a better bet is the Wolf House tag on my livejournal which I frequently use for random nonsensical bliter.

Also, my livejournal has the added bonus of a truly beautiful header image drawn by my dear friend — and Wolf House cover artist — Audrey Fox. Here’s a big version of it, so you can enjoy her excellentness:

The Wolf House book 2: Roads and Crosses

The Wolf House book 2: Roads and Crosses

As you can see, it features three of the central characters from book #2, Roads and Crosses, which is out in another month or so. It’s neat! I like it. I like all the books in the series, which is probably good since it would be a particularly crummy kind of self-loathing and self-sabotage if I wrote a book I hated.

Here are some character portraits of the extended cast of book two:



This is Will’s younger sister Jenny.  She’s pretty fabulous.



This, on the other hand, is Jay’s older sister Sofie, and she doesn’t like you.

Last but not least, here is a picture of Jay and Tommy having what passes for a deep and meaningful conversation for them:

Jay and Tommy

Jay and Tommy

In other Wolf House-y news, there was an interview with me done at some point (like I said, I don’t keep up-to-date with this nearly enough). And, um, yep. Like I said, check my lj for more frequent, if less mature and professional, updates on ye olde trashy YA vampire series.

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