Mary and Audrey write a comic

Cover artist Audrey Fox and I are currently in the process of creating a short comic about the Wolf House series for one of my favourite zines in the world, Pretty Good for a Girl.

The following conversation took place over email while Audrey was at the tattoo parlour waiting to get a chest piece done, and I was at my desk at my day job as an assistant editor for a nonprofit journal. Because that’s just how we roll.

Audrey: I had an idea: a b&w short comic advertising the book and starring Bette and Jay. Obvs. the writing will be you, but I had an idea for the end panel, which I am running by you for your input. : D

Bette and Jay comic rough

Bette and Jay comic rough



Bette: So I hear there are books about us now.

Jay: About us?

Bette: Yep. About us.

Jay: But aren’t there already books about teenagers and vampires?

Jay: Like, a LOT of books?

Bette: Not teenagers like us, I guess.

Bette: You know, angry punker girls like me,

Bette: and slutty hipster guys like you.

Jay: … my boyfriend has supernatural hearing, you know.

Bette: Shit.



And thus, a project is brainstormed! Ahaha, Bette, your foot is in your mouth again.  I shall keep this blog updated on how the comic envolves.

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