Book four cover!

The Wolf House #4: Fire Proof Heart

The Wolf House #4: Fire Proof Heart

Things have been a little scarce on the ground here lately, which doesn’t actually matter yet on account of how this site isn’t actually officially launched yet and therefore not actually being read by anybody. Woo! I am like a house-sitter left to run amok in an otherwise uninhabited home, except that, er, it’s the house-sitter’s own house. Which I guess just makes it like living alone. That metaphor could have been more elegant, really.

ANYWAY. Here is the cover for book #4, which is still too far off to have an excerpts page or anything official like that up yet. Audrey Fox has once again managed to out-do her own stellar work and deliver an amazing image that puts stars in my eyes and ink in my pen. Wow, I really, really need to stop trying to write this entry, my misuse of unsuspecting words is becoming rather unbearable.

The extras page is updated with link buttons, if you wish to tell your friends, family, and associates about this website.

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