Sketches by Audrey Fox

Jay sketch by Audrey Fox

Jay sketch by Audrey Fox

Blake sketch by Audrey Fox

Blake sketch by Audrey Fox

The Wolf House books’ most excellently excellent cover artist, Ms Audrey Fox, dropped these delightful sketches of Jay and Blake in my inbox today.

I have several other pictures of Audrey’s which I’ll add to the site in the near future, also — the vexing problem is that some of the things she’s drawn are spoilers. How long after each book’s publication is an appropriate wait before posting (appropriately marked, obviously) artwork? Because I know some people — including the otherwise mostly wonderful Audrey herself — have a tendency to seek out spoilers despite the fact that spoilers spoil the surprise! That’s why they’re called spoilers! Arrgh!

Oh well, it’s all moot until the books are out anyway, I suppose. For now, look! ARTS! YAY!

Update! Audrey offers the following statement in her defence:

: ( : ( I am so oppressed : ( Just because I live in a household where everyone demands you tell them the ending to a movie you may be watching otherwise they refuse to watch it : ( It’s one of those ’slow boiling a frog’ things : ( like stockholm syndrome but for really annoying people : (

Fabulous Vampires: Rosalie Hale

Rosalie Hale

Rosalie Hale

Man, Twilight. Everyone’s got an opinion on it, right? Even me; mine’s over here if you’re just dying to know (short version: if I’d been fourteen when I’d discovered those books, rather than 25, I would have been so obsessed that you’d've had to pry them away from my clammy wee hands. Since I wasn’t fourteen when I discovered ‘em, I don’t think it’s really up to me to make a call on them, since I’m not their target audience. Fourteen year old girls are allowed to love the hell out of whatever makes them happy, and 25-year-olds — or 27-year-olds, as I am now, ohgod don’t remind me — should have better things to do with their time than standing around talking smack about things that make fourteen-year-olds happy.)

(Well, that was meant to be a short version, anyway. Don’t get me started on the way teenage girl culture is sneered at by most adult media; I get really cranky and start calling people names and find it difficult to shut up.)

Anyway! What were we talking about? Twilight, right. So. Just because I say The Wolf House is ‘Twilight for punks’ doesn’t mean I don’t think people shouldn’t be reading Twilight as well. You can have Britney Spears and Mindless Self Indulgence both present in your album collection, I promise! You’ll probably appreciate both of them better for the variation.

In all honesty, I want everyone to read the Twilight books because they contain one of my favourite fabulous vampires in the history of ever, the utterly fierce Rosalie Hale.

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Cat’s out of the bag

Well, I guess people will potentially begin to find this site now — oh crapsticks — since the series was mentioned in the paper today.

I will never stop laughing at the fact they called me high-brow. For the record, my favourite Star Wars is genuinely and 100% truthfully the Phantom Menace. WHO’S HIGH-BROW NOW, THEN? NOT THIS LITTLE BLACK DUCK!

… No seriously, the Phantom Menace really is my favourite.

Fair Game!

The Wolf House: Fair Game

The Wolf House: Fair Game

Yet more content about books you can’t buy yet! Woo!

Um, by which I mean that the cover and excerpt for book three, Fair Game, are now to be found in the appropriate places.

And how amazing are Audrey Fox’s covers, seriously, I feel completely honoured to have my words and stories wrapped up in such glorious shiny packaging. Book three’s cover star is Timothy, a vampire with a talent for mesmerism and a love of riot grrrl and queercore music. He seems to have spilled something on his shirt.