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I am so, so sorry about being so terrible at keeping this journal remotely useful. But, um, if you click [here], you can find all five of the Wolf House reissues? So that’s pretty neat I guess?

The new version of the Wolf House website is currently under construction and I’ll give everyone a headsup when it’s live too.

Audiobook version is apparently well underway which is super-exciting! Though I’m slightly nervous that it’ll be too mottsy for me to listen to it, not because of anything in the story itself but because those words are my words and some poor actor is being forced to read them.

Anyway, yes. Here it is. It’s pretty much exactly four years ago that I started writing these in the form they’re in, and here they are in their second edition with a new publisher and new covers and bonus content and a thousand, thousand memories wrapped up in every page.

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Changes afoot

Due to the demise of Kettlestitch Press, The Wolf House is going to be re-released by its new publisher, Omnium Gatherum Media.

Each of the novellas will be released individually, with a new short story by me included with each.

More information coming soon!

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Rose’s notebook

My friend Leo, as well as being an amazing Bette cosplayer, is an occasional visitor to the world of The Wolf House — readers can find her popping up as a friend of Timothy’s in the books.

In one of her journeys into that particular universe, Leo happened to find a half-completed notepad someone had tossed away. It was just lying there on a sidewalk in Chicago, so Leo picked it up, brought it home, and gave this notebook to me as a Christmas present. (Any resemblance between Rose’s art style and Leo’s own copious talents is, I assume, total coincidence.)

This is the fucking coolest thing in the world, and I will never be able to thank Leo enough for it. Writers dream of having readers who care even a fraction of this much about their stories. It’s very humbling and more than a little overwhelming to have that dream come true.

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Come around full circle

I am writing this while sitting at the publications desk at my day job’s biennial conference. Being biennial, we had our last one of these in 2008. This one’s in Melbourne, where I live, but the last one was in Sydney and so us staff were all staying in the hotel where the function was taking place.

It was at that conference two years ago that I checked my email on my phone, since I was an entire state away from my computer, and found a message from Drollerie Press containing my contract for the Wolf House series. I couldn’t stop grinning all day, even as my co-workers were appalled — “how will you ever manage to write that many books?!?”

Well, here we are, two years later, and I’m back in another conference, watching another bunch of sullen young waitstaff carry around trays of food for the guests. It wasn’t until I saw them all there in their uniforms that I remembered first getting the idea for Jay, and his meeting with Blake, from the waiters and waitresses at the hotel in Sydney, that first day.

It seems like only yesterday; it seems a million years ago.

About half a week ago, I finished writing the last book: Wolf House #5: Last Girl. It hasn’t properly hit me yet that I’ve done it, but the friends who’ve read it so far say that I’ve not only done it, but done it well. Which is a relief!

Now that I’ll have some free time (which, after two years, is something I remember only distantly) I’ll make more of an effort to keep this site up-to-date, so check back soon for new sections and content. Thanks for sticking with me. It means more than any of you could know.

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Since things are a little quiet here right now — book 4 is coming out in September, and the hard copy of the first three books is coming out in October, and I’m hard at work finishing book 5 — and because I came across a copy of this letter today in my hard-copy files, I figure I’d share.

This is the original submission letter I wrote to Drollerie Press about the books — or, at that stage, book. It’s a glimpse into what’s changed, what hasn’t, and what my original thoughts were about the project.

from: Mary Borsellino <>
date: Tue, Jan 8, 2008 at 8:25 PM
subject: Novella submission - The Wolf House

Read More..